Established in 2020

We are Arad Al-Jabal company for general trade and transportation of materials limited we are pleased to deal with you in the fields of general trade and transportation of all materials, goods and goods where we own all transport trucks prepared for this field, and our mission lies in spreading the concept of true quality of our business, providing services in record time we take care of the satisfaction of all different entities and sectors and meet their ambitions, and we make all our efforts to provide a real model of accuracy with dates and dedication to work and full commitment through our services and various transactions, We are pleased to be among the companies you deal with.


Establishing a good and excellent relationship with the trade and transport sector with its employers for the purpose of reaching the best performance and providing a high level of services to improve the highest grades to make its dealings with any employer a success, and we look forward to being (Arad Al-Jabal Company for General Trade and Transport of Limited Materials) a leading name in the field of trade and transport, our goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of all our business and combine the speed of implementation and achieve quality


We seek to provide effective and integrated solutions to our customers and provide them with real support in the transport and trade services that we are professional, so that we will be the first choice of customers and provide them with an ideal option to implement their projects and business with high professionalism, record time and unprecedented quality


We have a lofty message centered around creating a real model for a leading company in the field of trade and transportation and achieving excellence through our high-quality and safe services that meet the requirements of the work environment and the needs of customers, and implement their work to the fullest